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We deal with the design and construction of prototypes including individual parts and more complex units, such as various devices or mechanisms. All this from the initial design, through the CAD model, production documentation, to the production of samples or prototypes.

Whether it is an individual part, a part of your machine, or an entire device or mechanism. We deal with the complete design of functional units and the creation of original and innovative solutions in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering. We then process and deliver these solutions in the form of a 3D model or drawing documentation.

We use Dassault Systemes, 3D Systemes and other software for the above activities. We will arrange for you various types of strength analyzes or practical destructive and non-destructive tests.

Construction and design work

For construction work, we use common CAD applications and add to them the possibility of combining their capabilities with applications for the creation of generative design or the use of topological optimizations.

We carry out the complete development of a new product from an idea or sketch to the delivery of the final prototype. For prototyping, we mainly use additive manufacturing in similar 3D printing of metals or plastics on EOS, Renishaw and Trumpf machines. We also routinely prototype for our customers by CNC machining on DMG Mori machines.

How to start cooperation on a project?

Not sure if we provide the service you want? No problem, contact us and together we will find a way to implement your idea or product. Thanks to our technological background, we are able to deliver a very broad portfolio of services in the field of solving design or development problems. After an initial consultation, we will propose a solution that will meet your requirements.

Are you a small or medium-sized company and are you worried about the financial demands of the project?

We are here just for you. In the case of small and medium-sized companies, we can help you with the financing of your project, for example with the help of innovation vouchers.

We cooperate not only with university institutes and centers, but also with a number of private companies. If we are unable to do anything for you, we will be happy to at least point you in the right direction to one of our verified partners.


Are you interested in this service? Contact us.

Ing. Jakub Měsíček, Ph.D.

Ing. Jakub Měsíček, Ph.D.

3D modeling and optimization