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3D laser scanning is intended for fast and accurate digitization of real, functional or design parts. For 3D scanning, we use the latest generation of the Creaform Handyscan 700 mobile laser scanner. The advantage of the mobile device is the possibility of scanning outdoors or scanning components directly at the customer's premises.

In general, 3D scanners are devices that are designed for digitizing various 3D objects. After digitizing the object, we get a 3D model on the computer, which we can further edit in various programs (e.g. for reverse engineering, inspection,...). The resulting data model is processed with high accuracy and can become the basis for 3D printing.

The biggest advantage of a handheld 3D scanner is its mobility. Thanks to its portability, it is possible to scan almost anything and anywhere (both indoors and outdoors), with the added benefit of easy access to confined spaces.

The program renders the scanned data in real time. The output from the scanner is a polygon network in *.STL, *.OBJ, *.WRL format. The scanner does not distinguish the color of the scanned surface. It thus enables virtually unlimited 3D scanning, regardless of the size, complexity, material or color of the surface of the scanned object.

Main areas of use of laser 3D scanning

  • Digitization of parts and their conversion to CAD - you get 3D data in one of the supported formats, such as *.STL, *.OBJ or *.WRL.
  • Simple check of dimensions and shapes of real parts compared to CAD models - you will find out how accurate the 3D print or casting is compared to the original CAD model. Laser scanning is ideal for comprehensive inspection of components with high precision.
  • Reverse engineering of parts - allows you to get a faithful copy of a part for which you do not have documentation or a CAD model. These devices can be used to scan entire shapes for reverse engineering.
  • Input data for 3D printing, or basis for further modeling of the design.

If you are interested in 3D scanning or consulting on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us. Upon agreement, we are also able to scan on GOM laser scanners.

Creaform Handyscan 700 - Laser scanner

We perform 3D scanning with a non-contact Creaform HandySCAN 700 laser scanner and subsequent processing of the created data in CAD programs. Our device is regularly calibrated before each scan. Upon agreement, we will deliver the calibration protocol to you with each order. We use VXelements and Geomagic software (Geomagic Desixn X and Geomagic Control X) for data processing.

Technical specifications Creaform Handyscan 700

Measurement speed 480 000 measurements/s
Scanning area 250 × 275 mm
Light source 7 laser crosses 1 laser line
Scanner resolution 0,05 mm
Scanner accuracy up to 0,03 mm
Volume accuracy 0,020 mm + 0,060 mm/m without MaxSHOT 3D

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Ing. Lukáš Jančar

Ing. Lukáš Jančar

3D scanning